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Our Year End Ceremony.

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

During the weekend we had an impressive academic year (2018/20919) end program. We are thrilled to extend our sincere thanks and appreciations to everyone - students, parents, guardians,

staff and sponsor(s) for the collective efforts. We eagerly anticipate another fruitful academic year 2019/2020. Also, we remain committed to providing our humanitarian assistance to less-future students in Liberia.

Liberia needs a new breed of generation with positive thinking; hence, we need to inculcate in these future leaders those good-moral values. You too can give your moral, financial and spiritual support(s) to become part of the movement.

Our online platform for donation is available herein at the link https://gogetfunding.com/sjw-charity/ On the other hand, if you are in Liberia and want to donate, please contact the following persons:

Peter M. Jacobs (0886604545)

Roosevelt D. Kerkulah Jr. (088 674 5834)

Joetta Didi (077 628 2843)

Justin Quoimine

Mt Frances Garmei Oberly Sengbey (0668560654)

Together we can make Mama Liberia great by investing in early childhood education. The best gift for a child is an excellent education.

Our motto: “Each one sponsor one”, SJW Education Foundation.

sjw educational foundation

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